imageThe removal of cosmetic irregularities is becoming increasingly common as we all desire to be good looking and stay attractive as we age. Controlled Cyrosurgery is particularly useful in these cases, since intra and postoperative problems such as hemorrhage, infection, suture removals, and follow-up care are minimal to nonexistent.

What is the CryoProbe

The CryoProbe is a small portable instrument that offers unparalleled freezing power combined with total accuracy so you can pinpoint only the tissue you want to treat. The device allows easy and effective treatments of all benign skin irregularities including condylomas, fibromas, angiomas, liver spots, and more. The CryoProbe does not require anesthesia, follow-up care, and the actual procedure time cane take as little as 15-30 seconds, causing only minimal discomfort to the patient.

What can you expect after treatment
Following your treatment with the CryoProbe you may notice swelling of the treated tissue within 30 minutes of the treatment and usually lasts a day. You will notice a change in color and size of the treated tissue within three days. Between the seventh and tenth day preceding the treatment, the treated area should slough off revealing healthy smooth skin.